Ride over the highest bridge in the world

Ride over the highest bridge in the world , that’s what you can do on december 5th if you are in South France, just before the Millau viaduct becomes a motorway and is opened to car traffic.

The event : http://www.labaladedes3viaducs.fr/

About the viaduct :

(your good friend http://www.google.com/ will find many other links)

Wow, that’s a very cool bridge! If I were closer I’d try to make it.

For those of us in the Western U.S., we instead ride under the highest bridge in California:

It’s about 750’ high, and a lot shorter in length!

Actually the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colarado, USA is the highest in the world if you consider the clearance under the road: 321m. That’s slightly more than the Eiffel tower.

The pillars (piers) of the Millau viaduct are 345 m high, but nobody will go there; the road is “only” 270 m above the river.

Unicycle ride over the Royal Gorge

Has anyone else ridden over the Royal Gorge bridge (Colorado) on their unicycle? It’s the highest suspension bridge in the world, 1,053 feet above the Arkansas River. I rode over it on 11/9/2010. Thrilling!