Ride on the coast, unicycle ride in corpus christi, texas

I am planning out a ride in Corpus Christi, Texas for some time this summer. I was wondering when would be a good time to have it?

possible dates.
June 15th-16th
july 13-14
July 20-21

what do you guys think?
who would be up for it?
uhm i could even make it during the week. I found that plane tickets are $49-$99 one way on tuesdays and wednesdays if you order 2 weeks in advance.(southwest airlines)

i have some pretty good spots planned out and we could even hit up the beach for a while.

I would like to go, but I am not sure if I can or not.

We will see.

I might come, bt thats a big might. i’ll talk to my folks.

hey, while we’re sorta on the subject, Im kinda up for riding w/ just about anyone willing to get here, just tell me more than 2 weeks in advance(Im a little flexible). There are several things to do here for tourists. its really not a bad place to vacation to (not that its the best either). the beach, the lexington(aircraft carrier you can tour), museums, etc

any other takers, I’ll make a video if we get more than 5 out of towners
there are 2 other guys who would come for-sure
and a few other maybes

I’ll be there! XD It’s only like a three hour drive from here. :slight_smile: