Ride off the christmas pud

Paul my self and Roger got together for a little post chrimble muni ride this
morning, in Swinley forest just south of Bracknell. We had to start early as I
had to be at work at mid day, so a cold 9 am saw us leave the near deserted car
park and head for the mud. I decided to be a bit crap to begin with and fell
off on the really easy stuff, paul waited till later, we wanted to make Roger
look good.

We hacked along to Surrey Hill on gravel paths then headed into the single
track, picking left or right at each junction and finding some lovely stuff to
ride, and a few trees to hug, along with a little mud to face plant in ( Paul) .
Roger met a muddy dip that got him angry, but he managed to clear it on the
fourth attempt. We didn’t see any walkers, only one XC runner and two play
bikers as we were heading home. The woods were ours alone to enjoy.

Twas only a short time we had, just two hours to play before we had to head back
to respective homes or work. BUT we had fun, a great way to start the day and
work off a little Christamas pudding.

sarah It might snow tomorrow, I’m leaving the muni handy!