Ride Needed To Moab!

This is pretty early and I’m not sure how positive this is but, It looks like Jerrick, Jackie and I may need a lift to moab.

I planned on driving the three of us down there in march. But just the other day I was in a car wreck. I am fine, but my car is not doing so well and may be totaled. The chances of me either getting a new/fixing my car are very slim to none. And if i did so that would be the money for Moab right out the window.

So I am asking, If there was anybody out there that is coming from Canada or further west of Spokane that thinks its possible for us to join you on your way down to Moab this year, well it would just be the greatest thing ever. I really love going to Moab and wouldn’t want to miss it for the work.
So if life saver out there thinks they could help us out, It would be just about the coolest thing someone could do for us.

Thanks for your time guys…

PM me

Better start Hus’lin Phil!

Sorry I can’t help with transportation, but I would just say that whatever vehicle you three find yourselves in would be an interesting vehicle to be riding in.:stuck_out_tongue:

You know it would be the best car ever

dam, you are tempting me to go just to give you guys a ride. I probably won’t be able to go though, maybe next year.

not next year! this year… this is a big one man … #10 you aint gonna be at an event like this in a time, I’ll tell you

somebody should really give them a ride

somebody might be… but don’t be afraid to still offer :wink:

I’ll give you a ride, Phil!

Oh wait… sorry.

oh wait till we are in the man tent in moab jackie! :sunglasses:

Have you guys found a ride? If not then I hope you find one soon.

Thanks everyone!