Ride near Los Gatos, CA Dec 30?

I will be around Los Gatos CA Dec 30-31. Would anyone be up for a unicycle ride? I plan to bring a Coker and a muni, and would be up for riding either.



Several riders from the area have already left for UNICON.

I’ll be around on the 31st and might be up for a quick ride. A lap around Lexington Reservoir on a Coker is short and sweet…

Edit: There’s a mailing list at unicyclists@googlegroups.com that reaches many riders in our area. You should send a message to the list!

2nd edit: See http://groups.google.com/group/unicyclists?hl=en for more info…

Hi maestro8,

Thank you for the tip about the list. I will try to send out a message.

A ride around the reservoir would be nice.


scott, the reservoir ride is boring. Bring your muni and drive to the top of highway 17 and head towards Soquel Demo forest. Here are directions:

Sorry I can’t make it.



That ride sounds like a fun ride. Would anyone like to join me?

Would you recommend at 24" or 29" Muni on these trails?

The link to the trail map is broken. Do you have another link?

Thank you for the suggestion.