Ride Montauk 2015

Is anyone planning/contemplating doing the Ride Montauk on May 16th? I am thinking about doing the 30 miles segment from East Hampton to Montauk. It would be great if we could get a few unis together.


Wow, looks like a nice Road event.

I know somebody who did that on a 24" unicycle in 1986. From Wantagh (Nassau County) to Montauk in 4 or 5 days. Solo, unsupported. She got a big picture on page 2 of Newsday!

24" not recommended for really long rides involving bikes (including the NYC 5-Boro Bike Tour). :slight_smile:

I would have mentioned the free beer in the header! :smiley:

Strange that there’s no course map…


$195 seemed a bit steep until I saw the fee includes a hot shower, an all-you-can-eat post-ride meal, a massage, and Blue Point Brewery beer. Now all I have to do is convince my wife it’s worth it. Hmmmm. Maybe I just won’t mention the entry fee to her.