Ride in the Rocks, Lucerne CA

There is a “Ride in the Rocks” charity fundraiser event in Lucerne CA on Saturday October 17, 2009. It is promoted on the UDC website. Did anyone participate last year? They “welcome” unicyclists. The main ride is a 22 mile mountain bike course. I was curious if people were planning to take part. Here is the link:

Looks interesting, but I don’t know about the terrain when they describe the longest ride as: “The 21 mile course is for those looking for a challenge who will enjoy intense desert trails of sand, rock, and hill climbs.”

The rock and hill climbs sound good, but not “sand”.

And the shorter 10 miler is mainly a fire road. I would wonder also if the 21 miler would be better suited for a coker, rather than a traditional MUni. I was actually headed that way sometime late this week anyway, on my way to Boulder city, NV. It does sound like a fun event though, and I wonder how many unicyclists will be there, and what they’ll be riding.

Also, the deadline to sign up to be guaranteed a t-shirt and lunch was 10/1/09, and was $40. Now it’s $50, and no guarantee of either t-shirt or lunch. :frowning:

Last weekend we did a 24 mile MTB race near Auburn, California. 4 of us had 36ers (3 geared up) and one was on a geared 29er. Corbin, Beau and I used high gear a lot and Beau managed to beat some mountain bikes. http://nhoover.smugmug.com/Unicycling/Racing/Kickerbocker/ for more info and photos. You guys should go for it! The organizers always love having unicyclists. The Knickerbocker guy offered us free entry to their big 24 hour race next year if we show up with a Uni team.


I’d probably be up for a 24-hour race if it’s free! (Usually the Laguna Seca one is $100/rider or more).

Ya, I might be able to do a free 24 hour ride too! Depending on the date and such…as a 24 hour race is on the top of my list of “To Do”…If you need an extra guy…let me know!

If I was in CA for the Ride In The Rocks, I would for sure do it…