Ride in style. Go retro.

Check out this baby being sold on ebay. It’s a beautiful vintage cycle.



lol, not quite, now lets look at what I was really talking about.


Thats a real beauty.


i like them both, and they bothe seem to be in pretty good condition. the first ons seat look comfy


The first one would look a lot better if they shined up that wheel a little bit. Their both cheap too


They look nice,but I would trash those things in 5 minutes,without meaning to.

yo retro unis are ill.

Re: Ride in style. Go retro.

This one is made with genuine tricycle single piece crank technology. I wonder if it even has ball bearings on the hub? It could have lousy worthless bushings.

i was looking for a coker or somthing similar(didnt find one on ebay) and i saw the second one also. i would also trash that quickly

My friends and I found one like the first one in a shed at the house they are living in now it was the first uni we had ever tried to ride and we trashed it so fast the cranks bent like wire and the pedals aren’t even pedals anymore.

That second one kind of looks like the model that got all smashed up in Universe. Those red sparkle seats are hard to come by…I’m hoping U-Turn’s new company might come out with a custom red sparkle airseat model, so I can further upgrade my 36-er.

hahah sweet