Ride in Edmonton...

Who wants to ride in Edmonton on Thursday the 19th or Friday the 20th. I should have my uni together by then because its being shipped out. I don’t exactly know when I’ll have free time, but I will be in touch.

Anyone around?


Im in Calgary. Try and get maxisback to come, he lives in edmonton.

I would love to but its a bit of a ride from Kingston. Hey, any word yet on whether we can do this Giraffe frame deal.

Maybe when you go home at XMAS. Thanks

I’m actually not going home for Christmas unfortunately. Fortunately I’ll be in Mozambique. I’ll be back home in March and we can talk then if you are still interested sorry. Well I came and went through Edmonton, and I wouldn’t have had any time to ride anyway, plus my uni didn’t arrive. But I am going to be there at the end of November for longer with my uni so we shall see about then.

I don’t know if I’ll make Calgary anytime but if I do I’ll contact you.