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Hi all

I’ve recently been trying to write a ride guide for muniing, a draft copy is up at:


Perhaps you could let me know what you think.



As a former member of the Scout movement, I thought this thread would be more interesting.:stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though, having read the page, I think it’s excellent. Nicely written, about the right length, and very clear.

As you have invited critique, I’ll start the ball rolling:

Very sensible to emphasise the need for first aid. (I’ve always neglected this, but I know you’re right.)

Tools - I think a more comprehensive list might help. For comparison, I take:
Spanners to fit bearing holders and seat bolts. (10 or 11 mm, varies from uni to uni.)
Allen keys of alll necessary sizes.
Straight and cross head screw drivers.
Puncture kit and tyre levers and pump.
Spare dust cap for a tyre valve and spare covers for crank bolts.
15mm spanner for tightening pedals, just in case.
Crank tool and suitable size of spanner.

I think the crank tool and pedal spanner are vital.

Finally, I think you are being a little too precise about makes/models/sizes of tyre etc. for the two categories of riding which you personally favour. In styles 1 and 2, you stick to riding style and seat height (good), but in categories 3 and 4, you let your own prejudice/taste show. I suggest reference to large section low profile tyres and stronger rims would be more appropriate than specific reference to Gazz 3.0 tyres etc.

I publish a monthly magazine for my Morris team and I know that everyone who didn’t do it in the first place could have done it better ( :roll_eyes: ) so no offence and feel free to disagree with me. It’s a good project, well executed.:slight_smile: Thanks for doing it.

Hey Joe,

The Ride Guide is pretty sweet. One style that isn’t included, is the growing, street style. A combination of freestyle, trials and street moves, grinding, unispins, crankflips, etc.
Keep up the good work.


Thats cool, I havent heard of streetstyle before, but it seems that I kind of ride a combination of those things, or at least I’d want to. I just figured that it was freestyle, maybe it is. But anyway im glad i read this forum. Thx for the info.

Yeah, In my opinion street is just a mix between freestyle and trials. If you look at the way Dan Heaton rides, his style is the epitome of street riding. I think a big part of street, is the over all look of the moves. Everything should flow, alot like freestyle, and not be so choppy as say trials. Just my thoughts…


Where is Dan? Why don’t we hear of him more? He is my favorite Unicyclist by far, his style reminds me of skateboarding. did he ever skate? I’s love to ride with him some time. If he ever wants to travel to the west coast he can stay with me, and so can any of his friends.

On my muni, everything can be taken apart with a 15mm adjustable spanner and a crank tool, so I take those two, a puncture kit, levers and a pump.

I think Joe’s list is a minimum you need to be guaranteed to be able to ride out in an emergency. A crank tool is nice, but assuming you check before riding, you almost certainly won’t need it.

As for dust caps, screw drivers, any other allen keys etc. they’re all things that might just come in useful but will probably just take up space and add weight, I reckon you’d be better off swapping them for another muesli bar or some sweets.

I think in the uk the list is fine though, as pretty much everyone doing freeride style muni is riding gazz/ halo 24x3 tyres cos they’re the only thing you can get with that volume.

Personally I absolutely agree with the thing about learning from other people’s style, I find I really improve much quicker when I go on a ride with other riders.

Something that would help riders ride multiple styles would be more people having quick release seatposts, if you’ve got a qr, it’s much easier to quickly adjust seat height if you want to ride something scary or if you want to get that big fat gazoloddi up a hill quickly. I’ve got them on all my unicycles except the hockey one and actually use them quite a lot. They’re also really useful for when you want to let people have a go on your unicycle.


I’ve gotta check out some vids with Dan Heaton now, Ill find them somewhere. Somthing to look forward too.:stuck_out_tongue:


some are of dan, some are of others…
Also, check out UNiVERsE 2 when it’s released.

nice vidoe clips

one quesion though…how the hell do you grind ( does it matter that i have a 24?

Joe, Great list.

As a MUni newbie I would be interested in some comments on foot wear.

Mention taking a camera too for those “pictures please?” moments.

I’m glad you like it. I’ll make a few alterations and post it on my site properly.

Mike - you’re right! I can’t believe I left out crank tool. NUTS!
I think the tool list varies depending on the uni. for example on the ones I make I only need to take one allen key, and puncture stuff.

Dylan - True, I’ve been trying to catogerise that style of riding, it’s very much like BMX street. Incidently I’ve just about got grinds and fast-plants solid now- the only way to learn is practice and brusies.

UniBrier - I use some skateboard flat shoes for most stuff because the pedal-grip is insanely good. Either them or I have some purpose made cycling shoes.


Great guide. I would suggest maybe checking your spokes on the pre-ride and post-ride checks.
For some reason I have always thought of trials in the competition sense. More of a pick a line and do it without dabbing etc. I think streetstyle or urban riding is more of a drop, gap, grind kind of thing. I guess more Universe type of riding.

that was my understanding of street style as well. A mix a freestyle and trials. for example, in what i like to call “pure trials” it’s all about going big and there’s some hopping in there (setting up) and that can be a bit less exiting to watch, than if the person is always moving,(streestyle) and doing grinds, and uni-spins (on top of things) and big roll-up hops and roll-up gaps. streetstyle has more flow to it, and “pure trials” is a bit slower, but i like to think “bigger” :smiley: we d’ont grind, there’s more pedals grabs and big ups, and gaps.
i’ll stop rambling on now.


Re: Ride Guide

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Nice checklist. I think it is very appropriate that you reserve
drinking red bull for the red-bull.

Klaas Bil

The Yo-Yo was originally a weapon in the Philippines.

Although I have no experience, i just think that you must have good roll hopping ability. As I see it, just gather some speed and hop up the rail, or whatever you’re grinding, slide on your crank arm. Hop off.:wink: No problem

I think you need to better stress the need to bring enough water and food along. One thing I worry about on group rides is wondering if everyone knows the importance of bringing along enough water and food. Yah, a dinky 45oz. water pack may be enough for a leisurely 3 hour ride, but is almost certainly not adequate for an aggressive 3 hour or longer muni ride.

It’s also not enough to just bring water along, you need to drink it too. If you start to get dehydrated your body can’t process sugars and turn them into energy. Not drinking enough can cause you to bonk because the body can no longer turn food into energy.

I like to bring gels along. The quick short term energy boost is just what I need. Energy bars are also good but they don’t supply a quick energy boost, it’s more of an energy maintenance thing. The energy from a bar kicks in after about 45 minutes or more. Gels and bars are easier to carry along than real fruit and food. Gels can be a great way to avoid the bonk if you can feel it coming on. Real food and fruit is nice to have along, but can be a bit messy in the pack and isn’t as convenient to carry along.

I would never bring an energy drink like Red Bull along. It’s absolutely yucky to drink and would probably cause me to throw up during a ride.

I find slime gels are great for racing (compact and light) but I hate them so much (sickly sweet sugar syrup) that I would never take them with me on a regular MUni ride. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I’ve been experimenting with a chocolate syrup of my own concoction that tastes OK.


I take apples… healthy, energetic, decomposable and practically unsquashable…

Phil, just me