Ride for Cancer Care in Kingston, NY, Sept 23

Here is a good excuse to meet in Kingston NY on Sept 23 for some unicycling.

There is a ‘Bike for Cancer Care’ ride in Kingston NY on Sept 23. They offer three routes; 5, 25 and 50 miles. I rode the 5 miles ride on a Radial 36inch last year and it was fun. There is a BBQ afterward, and if you pre-register($12), the first 200 get a T-shirt. And it’s all for a good cause.

I just registered, and plan to ride the 5 mile route.

Bike for Cancer Care ride details:

They had a large turn out last year, but only one unicyclist. Please join in, and lets show these folks how to ride one!

Just thought I’d bring this tread to the surface, maybe stir some interest.

I’ll try to make it, Ken. Thanks for posting. I’ll check out their website and will also post to my group at large. Maybe I can get my bro to show up, too.

This is great news Dave, It would be good to show em in numbers.

Last year it was a pretty level ride along the rode from Kingston to Hurley, and back. At least that was the 5 mile run.

Shoot, Ken. That the same day as the “Tour de Habitat” up here in Albany. There’s a 100 miler and a 50 miler. Never having ridden that far, I’m “just” riding the 50. I hope. :roll_eyes: :astonished: :o

Otherwise I’d join y’all down there.

Hello Steve, 50 miles, Wow! I’m only good for 15 miles tops. I hope your ride goes well, sorry to miss ya. I just read that site you listed, for your tour, 2000 feet elevation change, (again Wow!) sounds right up your alley. Let’s hope we all have pleasant weather!

Amen to that, buddy.

Re: Albany:

Steve, from experience I can tell you that in order to manage 100 miles, you’ll prolly have to budget 12 hours (11 if you’re lucky). That gives you 2-3 hours of breaks and the rest (8-10 hours) of riding at a decent pace. Hills will substantially cut into your speed, but if the ride is mostly flat, it’s a possibility.

With little specific practice or training, I rode 102 miles in 12 hours on a Coker, but it was a bit of a killer bc I was not keeping myself hydrated enough, so peeing hurt for nearly 2 full days. Then there was the muscle fatigue and some soreness. I should clarify about the training: I was commuting to work for a total of about 30 miles a week (or maybe a lot more – I forget).

50 is a decent goal for sure. It could still take 6-8 hours, depending on factors like hills and breaks, but it shouldn’t kill ya. Good luck either way!

Hey, thanks David. I’m pretty confident I can manage 50 miles, too. I’ve done 30+ several times recently, as well as a lot of muni and hill climbs, including the uphill races this summer. 5 hours would be cool, but I imagine 6 is more realistic. I can always bail into the sag wagon, but I think I can do it.

You can do it!

It’s this Sunday

The weather should be great. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys there.

I had a great ride. It was a beautiful day, and everyone seems get a kick out of the Nimbus 36.

I didn’t see any other unicyclist. I missed Dave and his brother, don’t know if they weren’t there or maybe they took the longer 25 or 50 mile ride.

The only bad news it that when I registered, they were out of large T-shirts. I was disappointed because they were really nice looking shirts. I took a small one anyway.

What was neat, was that a father there was all interested, that his son wanted to learn to ride a unicycle. When his son showed up, the kid was really interested. I gave the kid the shirt (that was too small for me), and he was thrilled. I explained about unicyclist.com for information, and UDC for a unicycle. After the ride, when I was riding off, the father says, “Thanks for the inspiration”. Has to be the coolest remark ever.

After the 5 mile bike for cancer ride, went down to Kingston Roundout, near the Hudson river, and rode to Kingston Point park from there. Totaling to a 10 mile ride for the day.

I hope Steveyo’s ride, as well as what Dave, his brother and the other unicyclers did today went as well.

My ride went well, thanks, Ken. Separate thread to follow in the next day or two.