Ride down Vail Mtn. and a quick wright up

(not sure if this is in the right place)

Ok, so I am from Chicago (very flat area) and when my friend invited me to go to vail for a week I had no choice but to bring my Muni even though I am quite the nooby. After I got over my head ache the first day, we rented mtn. bikes and went to the Gondola. It was there, to my dismay, that I found out from a manager or something that unicycles were not aloud on the lift. When I asked why he said that “We require dual breaks” in which I responded “But… It’s a unicycle” to which he replied “Good Point. You need dual suspension breaks” (very smugley). And so my friend and I went down the Mtn. 5 times on our bikes(mind you I have never seen a real Mtn up close).
And so the next day I made the decision to haul my quite heavy torker DX up Vail Mtn. I learned that rolling a unicycle up fairly steep hiking trails is tougher that I thougt so my friend who was hiking with me helped me out a bit. With about 20 minutes till the top of the Mtn. I decided that my friend should keep going and take the gondola down and I should start to ride down. I had no idea if I would end up walking it the whole way down. To my suprise, once I started riding it, it was a tremendous reliefe. I have never been more relaxed and energized in my life. Unfortunatly, I dont have a break so my legs were really burning from the semi steep declines but I managed not to fall. Amazingly, the only time I really had to get off was for bikers. This ended up giving me a whole new epreciation towards unicycling and was one of the most amazing and fullfilling experiences of my life and will motivate me to continue pushing myself when it comes to unicycling.

Also, would breaks have helped my legs or just made it slightly more safe?

Breaks would have done both. Good job too.

people like that lift manager are stupid…
thats cool though you came to vail…when i first went skiing i couldnt believe how big the mountains were either…

you could take about a 8 hour drive to boyne higlands. it is not nearly as big a vail though. but they take u up on the lift and the have northshore stuff there.

Dual Suspension Brakes?

I am assuming the Vail is a ski resort.

You should have alsked that lift manager if skis have Dual Suspension brakes?



What the hell are dual suspension brakes?

skis have brakes

Way to go! Good choice. That’s what the ‘M’ is for . . .

I bet If you asked for that rule in writing you could find a way around it: like her claim is completely false, a bike w/ two wheels, etc. I bet if you (or the next person to go there) demonstrates that Muni is not more dangerous you could persway them to change the rule, if there is one.


…but only when the ski comes off you boot.

yeah they probably don’t have that in writing and if they did you could probably talk to some one higher up and they wouldn’t care. also i would explain that you go slower on the uni and your legs act as brakes.

yeah that is true