Ride Down Stairs?Can you do it?

Just a year ago I saw a man ride his unicycle down the stairs…
I asked him if it hurt, he said no he had a cup on.
So the Jackass I was I tried riding down the stairs,
the next thing I noticed I was on the ground with a lady ask me
if I was ok. Holy crap!!! since I was in public about 12 people
just saw me flip 360 degrees landing right on my back on cement.
Apperently I was knocked out for like a minute from the impact
on my back, that day I learned to practice going down the stairs
(after I recovered) and to never do that again in my life!!!
Well at least until I mastered it.

Til this day I was practicing everyday going down the stairs.
Finally on christmas I could do it!!! What a christmas present.

Cool, how many stairs was it? I started out with 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then after that I could pretty much ride down as many as I want. Now I can ride down them backwards.

I felt as long as you push your feet into the pedals and don’t stop it seems fairly easy. The most I have done is maybe 5-10, since I am not in areas where there are a multiple of stairs.

just riding down stairs is easy…

i can ride down as many stairs as i like…

unless i am at naucc, calling everyone who hopped down the big box stair case a girl, and then proceeding to eat shit going down it on my first try, then hopping down it just like everyone else :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, it was pretty sketchy though.

Yeah, that was hella hella sketch (that set).

Hopping UP it was scary. It took me like 3 tries cause it was so distracting :o

Ha yeah it was weird with all the little gaps between the steps, and the whole thing bounce up and down…