ride at naucc

hey anyone going up to naucc want to do some trials? i am kinda a beginner and have a 46 cm sidehop so yea. just wanted to know

Yeah I’ll ride with you. Sounds like we’re about the same level.

heh don’t worry, they’ll be plenty of people to ride with.

Yeah, There are plenty of people at NAUCC at your level, are better than you or worse. It’s fun to meet new people at your level and ride with them. Plus riding with better people challenges you to get better. It’s a whole week of fun:D.

OOOAAHHHH I can’t wait!!! :D:D

Il ride with you =)

I cant believe im going :thinking:

Im kinda suprissed to my friend. I have never been and last time I didn even know it was goin on HAHHAHA just saw pics of friends from there trip…punks! Lol gonna be a blast, il see ya in a couple days nukka