Ride at Box Hill, Surrey Friday 29th April

I’ll be going for a 29er ride tomorrow around Box Hill for most of the day,
anybody interested & able to come?
I’ll check pm’s tomorrow morning, expect to be there from around 11


well that was a predictible response for something at such short notice on a weekday!
have a nice day at the office folks!

Lucky you. There’s some great riding round there. One of those places where you can go for miles and miles all on really great singletrack.

Do you know the area well? I used to ride round there most weeks when I was in London, so I know it pretty well and know where many of the good trails are. I’d be well up for a weekend of riding round there some point in the summer. It’s also a really great place to bivvi. I’m a bit busy till August cos I’m getting married in July, but it’d be super cool to organise something then.


Damn. I’m working in Birmingham today otherwise I’d be very keen to come along.

I might be around this weekend, as my trip to wales is looking less likely (I’m broke!) so I may be around for a ride tomorrow or Sunday.

Hope you had a good ride,