Ride around the Sea of Galilee

On Saturday there is going to be a bicycle ride around the Sea of Galilee in Northern Israel for charity purposes. There is going to be a 65km track a 25km track and a 10km track. About 10 unicyclist are going to be entering the 10 km track. We met up yesterday on a track field to see what everyones capabilities are. We decided on the 10km track because most of the unicyclists are kids. Anyway I brought my KH29 to the meet. I have not ridden it in about a 8 months. I mostly ride my KH24 for MUni and have been getting into Trials on my KH20. I was amazed at how fast I was able to wizz around the track! It felt great to have the wind blowing through my hair! I really look forward to this ride and will post about it next week.


Is this a cement track or a track as in route or is it a running track (like rubber/assfalt)