ride anything with the seat to low for to long. THIS TRUE?

Ah, is this true, cuz i been ridin my seat as low as itl go for as long as ive riden, now i have it up to accomidat my brake, thats attached to my seat post, but for along time i rode with a seat post that was about 3 or 4 inches, becuase i like it real low, so my center of gravity is low. But if this is true “ride anything with the seat to low for to long.” Jaguar is talkin bout a Medical Malidy, whatever that is, but it aint sound good. Should i bring my seat up a inch or two?

Riding with the seat way low is hard on the knees. It is less efficient for pedaling. It makes it harder to pedal (spin) higer RPMs. Freestyle type skills will be more difficult. Climbing hills will be more difficult.

For muni and trials it is common to have the seat lower to allow more room between the seat and crotch to absorb bumps and to jump. But even in muni and trials I try to have the seat as high as possible without interfering with the muni and trial moves.

Raise that seat.



thanks for that, i think i will raise it, my knees are already bad enuf, one knee from mountain biking and fallin on a sitck and it goining into my knee, and the other just someitmes hurts. Thanks again.