Ride a fixed-gear bike?

Now that I’m spending more time riding the uni, riding a fixed-gear
bike is starting to appeal to me. Never seemed practical. But neither
is unicycling.

Do you ride one? With or without a brake? What do you think?

what like a single speed?

fixed-gear mtn biking

That’s actually how I got into muni. I converted a junker mtn bike of mine to be fixed gear. I.e. single speed but NO COASTING, just like a unicycle as long as you’re rolling along the pedals keep on coming. It is a blast and very addictive. I still ride fixed-gear offroad regularly and I credit riding my muni with improving my balance and fixed-gear offroad skills.

A fixed-gear is like a unicycle in that when you petal backwards, you go backwards, and you can slow down by applying backwards pressure on the pedals. They also don’t freewheel.

Fixed-gear is not-necessarily single-speed, although they almost always are.

Single-speed is not-necessarily fixed-gear