Ride 542 - Mount Baker Hill Climb Sept 9, 2007

Any other unicycles planning on doing the “Ride 542”? If so, I’ll see you there. Looks like it will be a grand day for the challenge.
24.5 miles
4300 feet elevation


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Too little training and too short notice. Sounds challenging, that road often isn’t easy to drive, let alone ride.

What wheel and crank length are you riding?

Baker Hill Climb

I’m riding a 36 inch TA with 150 cranks. I have tried it with every thing from 127 to 175. Settled on my 150 Black Widow cranks with Shimano PD-A520 pedals.

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Hey, good luck with that climb!

I’ve got Whiteface coming up 9/16/07. It’s shorter and less vertical, though a bit more sustained: 8 miles, 3550’, so 8% grade. I use a KH29 w/BA2.0 tire and 165mm cranks for this one.

Wow. That’s quite a climb. I speedboard down Mount Baker at 55mph…but I would definitely not go up it with a unicycle!

:astonished: :astonished: I’d love to ride up it, but speedboard at 55mph?!? :astonished: :astonished: You’re just nuts.:stuck_out_tongue:

Great Day – Great Ride

What a great day! Good climb on one of the greatest roads around.

First and only, so that also make me last place. Except that over 70 two wheelers came in after me.


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If this is an annual hill climb I’ll have to put it on my calendar for next year. I like climbs but I’m not much for hill climb races. I’d rather ride it for fun. But the whole goings on of the event could make it fun.

Congrats, that is a fast time, looks like it was a awesome day for some climbing. How was the ride down with the clips?

Ride down …

Clipless works out great for going down hills. They allow for lots of control. Some day I may master full circle reverse pedal pressure.

But I got a ride down the mountain after the Ride 542. Two hours back to town, hammered knees, late for rewards, and an insistant wife all helped change my mind, so I got in the car.


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Upper road pic …

Great views …


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Congratulations. That’s one heck of a climb.

This Year’s RIDE 542: September 13, 2009

The ride dates are set for this annual event. Time to set aside the date on your calendar.

Mt Baker Hill Climb

2009 RIDE 542 -
Mt Baker Hill Climb
September 13th 2009

Last year all I managed to do was help hand out water and food working at the DOT shed aid station.

This year I hope to be helping set a new course record. More than one unicycle. That way some one is sure to beat my time.


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