Richmond Xmas break Muni Ride

I’m wondering who else would be down for a ride arround Dec 20th.

I dont know the trails there at all and would be interested in how difficult they are. (Any help H.O.W. ) I’m up for prity much anything. But would prefer some technical stuff.

I know that Booger, Hell on Wheel gang, and Nbrazzi also have shown interest in a ride. What dates would be good for you guys?


feel free to drop me an email at
MCarroll (AT) usa(Dot) com

20th sounds good to me.

Like I said, all skill levels are covered at Belle Isle, from flat and easy to steep and impossible. In the video, the descent that we all “biffed” on (some worse than others) is a good example of some of the more difficult terrain to be found there.

The rocks on the river is trials heaven. And the threat of falling into the water adds an extra degree of “danger”.

If people decide to come down, HoW would be more than happy to give a “tour” of the island. Heck, we could call it a Virginia Muni Weekend!


im down for the 20th!!! in addition to belle isle, there are some technical trails (and a dirt track) in dogwood dell and along the james river. i’ll be back in richmond over the winter break and can ride anytime with everyone.

I would absolutely be down for a ride. anytime is good for me. I’m staying in town just like always. now I’m all excited!!

Im game for a ride, but I might not be in town.

ok guys, lets hear what you think

instead of december 20th, how about a richmond muni weekend january 3, 4, and 5? it’ll be cold, and maybe snowing, but what else could you want? i wanna set up a good event. sorry the date is so bad, but theres not much i can do about it

forget that last post

the richmond muni event will be on the 20th on belle isle and surrounding trails