Richmond, VA rider with a spare 26" muni?

Do any of my fellow riders in the Richmond, VA area happen to have a 26" muni that they’d be willing to let me borrow? Even for just a day or two (if we ever get a day or two without rain again lol). I’m currently riding more muni than anything; Northbank, Buttermilk, and Belle Isle are my three main trails. Right now I’m conquering those spots on my 24" chromoly KH/Nimbus muni. I’m dying to add a new and/or better muni to my collection, but I can’t decide on wheel size. I’d love to have the opportunity to try a 26" wheel on some of the trails, even just some of the technical spots of Belle Isle. I’ve never ridden a 26" muni before, so I’d really like to give it a shot and see if it’s a good fit for my size, style, and the technical trails that I frequent. Thanks in advance.

All I have are a KH29er and a conundrum 24 x 4 which is about the same diameter as a 26". Liz lives in town and she ride a 26er since she’s on the Hatchet she might let you borrow it! If your looking to ride with Someone let us know. We will be glad to ride with you.