Richard and Judy - possible TV appearance?

A friend of mine knows people on the Richard and Judy show and wants to get me on there because of my cokering exploits (mainly the Dunwich Dynamo; big night ride I’m going to do soon)
It may not happen at all, but he can definitely try. I was just wondering what other people thought. I know unicycling has been on there before with Joe, Amanda and Richard if my memory serves me right. Can any of you guys tell me what it was like?

I want to get publicity because the charity I’m raising money for is very small and so it would help people know what it’s about and help with sponsorship. The problem with it is I’d probably be really nervous and look like an idiot. Also I find Richard and Judy mildly annoying:p
Given that it’s not a definite thing at all, what do you people think I should do?

go for it

Aye, there’s no such thing as bad publicity…


Go for it.
Rehearse, even if only in your head while training for your coker event, how to answer the questions you’re almost guaranteed to get.
Find quick, short ways to get past the “Why do you do it?”/“Circus” situation and put the focus on your charity.
Give the information about your charity as concisely as possible.
Tell people what their money will do and who it will do it for.
“We’ll buy blankets for pensioners in East-Angley who are affected by the annual rat-plague.”


And it’s crucial that you do this while rehearsing all this stuff in your head.
You’ll need to force your face into a grin but you’ll eventually get used to it and on the day, your nervousness will feed a genuine smile.
You might feel like a bit of an idiot going around with this plastered grin on your face, but it will be worth it.

Finally, pick one contact number or website addy.
Viewers won’t have pens and pads at hand (well, the pensioners in East-Angley might, but they’ve got the rats to worry about), so don’t give your phone number, the phone number of the charity, their website and your own.
Pick one and one only.
Ideally a website because you can have not only all the information, but also all the contact detail on the site.

What is your charity, btw?

Thanks for all the advice people, I might as well go for it since my embarassment might help promote unicycling/ a cool charity. I probably won’t get on anyway now I’ve mentioned the possibility.

Gild - the charity is the Cambridge Mongolian Disaster Appeal - It’s an obscure one I know but I’ve been out there twice and the poverty is really bad and nobody seems to know since the media equate poverty with Africa and tend to make it seem an intractable problem…but I’m off topic here. They do great work and a little money goes a long way with these guys since it’s run by volunteers with a genuine knowledge and love of the country. I’m collecting at plug plug haha!

Yeah, and Bono isn’t helping.
I really wish he would sort out Northern Ireland before preaching to the rest of the world. But he’s raising awareness so I guess I shouldn’t complain.
(Does anybody else think that Oprah is just Bono in drag?)

I just thought I’d repeat this so people can have another chance of noticing that a fellow one wheeler is riding for a good cause and they can really donate the cost of a pizza or a single movie ticket.
It will make a difference.

It’d be worth doing if it isn’t too much hassle. They’ll always be a bit silly, but the one of me commuting wasn’t that patronising at all. It’s in the gallery here.

If they’re interested in filming you actually riding Dunwich, make sure they’re clear that they have to keep up with you and that you aren’t going to ride any bit twice. Otherwise they’ll want you to do lots of takes of things, which was enough hassle for a 10 mile commute, let alone a 120 mile night ride.

You are not allowed to plug commercial things on there, but charities are probably okay. Also, if you wear a t-shirt with one big memorable thing (like “” or something) written on it, so that it can be seen when you’re wearing riding gear, that might help, I know my Soreen t-shirt definately gets noticed.


good on ya m8

Hey matt, it’s funny you say that. Just this weekend I was urged by someone at trycycling scotland to try and get abit more televisual attention. He suggested trying R&J and This Morning. You never know, if we both apply, pressure from two sides might convince them to do a follow up.


I think it’s a bad idea to bad mouth the very people that can give you free publicity to support your cause. Maybe they do random googles for their names, and are reading this thread. :astonished:

Drink a bottle of wine beforehand, then you and Judy should get on like a house on fire :wink:

Haha yes I think you have the wrong end of the stick. Over here in Blighty we aren’t averse to poking fun at one another and it was meant to be tongue in cheek hence the tongue in cheeky smily!
It wasn’t anything nasty, and I challenge you to look at this and not be even slighty annoyed:D
In case it changes tomorrow for the record it’s Barry Manilow :astonished:

It probably won’t happen, but my friend is going to try and get it sorted. Also Kit will be joining me for the Dunwich Dynamo woohoo!

Glutton, punishment. Yep, lovely.

It’ll be fun I think, in a very painful kind of way. It’ll cetainly be interesting seeing just how far we can go before conking out. I’ll be over the moon if we manage to hit 100 miles.