Rhysling Xing Raging River

I took the photo.
Lewis off to my left.
Tommy ponders his attempt.
Chris floats like a butterfly. He claims he wasn’t thinking about Unicycling. He was off in his Zone…
(And yes, he made it across bone dry).


chris balancing.jpg

Chris is usually the one doing the pushing, not the falling. No surprise he made it across. Looks like a fun trail.

Thanks for getting me out for a 3 day week-end of cycling, Greg; I feel better every day, and cycle stronger every day- but would have been ill prepaired for this trip were it not for the miles happly spent with you.

The lake at Grenada offers some interesting bits of trail, with lots of surprises hidden under leaf-fall. Some of the hills required ropes to assend with ‘steps’ every 3 feet vert. (I only attempted to ride down one of those…). Sam Lilly, who just tested out of level 4 and less than a third my age (it’s all about me) braved a decent that I would have chickened out of if not for trying to keep up with Tommy- Sam was breaking in his new MUni, and spent part of the trip down on his elboes; his courage scares me. My ego will be throwing me down hills to keep up with Sam, soon.

Something for everyone on these trails- and not far apart.


That creek crossing looks very similar to the one I did a few days ago on my first muni ride. They’re heaps of fun!

Nice work,

A good time was had by all on this central Mississippi, 65 degree, February 1st. Great fun to get together! I’m looking forward to the MONDO this weekend too!

Be sure to dress warm. It’s going to be a little cool here this week.