Rhyl Unimeet

Just to let everyone know that there is going to be a uni meet at Rhyl Events Arena on May 21st at 10am. Everyone welcome.
(I will post this again nearer the time)
Anyone who needs directions or has any questions can contact me on cath.wood1@ntlworld.com.

That going to be quite a day for uni meets! We are having a SW uni meet as well on the 21st, at Ashburton , Devon. I think the two are far enough apart not to be a problem tho :slight_smile:
More details on the SW uni meet at www.uk.unicyclist.com/swum.html

We will be playing Hockey and basketball, running workshops and a timed slalom course at SWUM, how about you in Wales?


So far we’ve got some workshops - depending on who comes, a ride down the prom and some obsticle thingies, maybe a visit to the local skate park.
This is only the second meet that Stuart and I have arranged and the last one was quite small. We’re hoping for more people this time but hockey and basket ball may have to wait unitl we have grown a bit.
A timed obstacle thingies sounds a good idea.
Any other ideas would be much appreciated - remeber we will probably not be a large gathering.

Sarah…Whats the turnout usually like for the SWUM??

And will there be any crash space available?



Re: Rhyl Unimeet

On Mon, 2 May 2005 14:48:01 -0500, “cathwood” wrote:

>A timed obstacle thingies sounds a good idea.

If you can, make it the ‘official’ one as described in

If you google for “unicycle obstacle course” (without the quotes) you
will find results from other events.

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Turnout has been between 30 and 50 people so far, so we are hopefull of plenty of people to play with.

Chrash space can be arranged if asked for in advance, we can probadly sort something out, but need to know how many people for.
Be good to see you if you wanted to come down south.


Cheers Sarah,

If needed it will be me and one other for crash space. I’ll email you closer the time, as I’m away to spain this weekend for a week, so it will be last minute decision to attend.

But now, I think we should stop hijacking Cath’s post! Sorry Cath!!