RHCP Contest (Just an Idea)

Ok so guys on youtube Chili Peppers are doing a contest. The contest is to see who can make the best music video for Charlie. Well I thought what could I do ,then the greatest idea came to my mind.My idea was to get unicyclers to submit raw footage to me and I would put it in a video and submit it to the contest. Also heres some linkage to the contest.
There is a prize of 5000 bucks and a trip to paris to watch and meet the band. The thing is you have to be 18 so that kind of messes that up but I dont care because if our vid was chosen it would increase the popularity of unicycling. Just to let yall know the film editor I would be using is Final Cut Pro. So if yall think this is a good idea please comment on this. Also does anyone have any ideas on how to get footage to me. Would email adress work if so ill post it. Ok thanks Im hoping yall will contribute.

Also if yall dont think this is a good idea and not worth the time then post.