rew respect for coker owners

wow! just got back from crawle jugling festival last week and while i was there i was lucky to ride a really nice coker, and a "29

i tried to ride the 29er but found it really hard to mount first of all but,
after a few good rides i thort it was time to go 4 the “big one” i found it so hard to mount that in the end i had 2 people to help me!!! but after getting up there and rolling out slowly i suddenly clicked! i was pushing 16 mph straight away. it is the nicest ever uni but i cudnt get up without serious help which has cast a serious cloud over wether i should get one or not! i really enjoyed riding it but i have no chance of acually freemounting the thing!

any advice or comments wud be nice?
(especially from loosemoose) lol!!! :wink:


Like anything consistently free mounting a coker just takes practice. There are a couple of different techniques you can use.

First a word of warning, if you are used to mounting your unicycle by pushing down on the pedal and bringing the wheel back under you prepare to fall off when trying to moun a coker. The push down on pedal and roll back before travelling forwards technique just doesn’t cut it for getting onto larger wheels. It is way easier to use a rolling mount to get on as you aren’t fighting the momentum of the wheel but using it to your advantage.

If you haven’t learnt a rolling mount with a normal sized unicycle, practice that until you can nail it on a small wheel and then try it on a coker. In a rolling mount the wheel never rolls backwards, it rolls forwards during the entire mounting process. There are plenty of descriptions online on how to learn a rolling mount, just do a search. Be aware that you have to really launch yourself off the ground to get up onto a coker.

I have also seen people pull themselves up by holding on to the front of the wheel while mounting. It is sort of a rolling mount with an assist.

If you can freemount a normal sized uni with reasonable consistency, you can freemount a Coker.

Cokers are easy to ride, difficult to ride well. They will go anywhere, and do anything but are not very versatile.

Everyone should own a Coker.

Yes, you learned to ride a unicycle. That alone should be enough to convince you that you can learn to mount one with a bigger wheel.

I use a rolling mount, but the wheel doesn’t actually roll during the mount. You take a step or two forward to get some momentum, then step onto the rear pedal with a little hop up and forward. When done right, your momentum will take up up and a little ahead of the axle, at which time you start pedaling. Not hard at all, especially if you learn it on a smaller wheel first!

yes, and make sure to keep the box it came in for when you sell it.

Re: rew respect for coker owners

did you know how to ride a unicycle before you got one of your own?
well, maybe you did, so that would be a bad example (; but I’m guessing you didn’t. so, my point is, get one, then learn to ride it. like you prolly did with a uni in the first place.

I’ve never ridden a coker (:frowning: ) but I’ve ridden a 26" with 2 1/2" cranks. That thing took a long time before I could freemount. Idling was out of the question.:slight_smile:

my coker should be here by the end of the week SCORE


Mine didn’t come in a box. The stork delivered it to a New York Unicycle Club meeting (about 1500 miles ago). It’s a magnificent Dave Stockton creation. It’s not for sale. Ever.

It seems that people either Love the coker, or they hate it. I say we post a poll.

I don’t know why anyone would hate a Coker. :thinking:
I am can’t imagine riding anything else but my Coker.
Hmmm, I guess for MUni and trials Coker would be bad due to the weak wheel frame.

i think peeple that like unicycles for their coolness and difficulty to ride don’t like Cokers as much as peeple who like unicycles more for getting places. i thot it would be cool to build something that is sort of in between, with maybe a 20 inch wheel, but geared, and it would have 2 or 3 gear settings…but someone will probably beat me to it…lol

geez Jagur, not everyone thinks like you do, in fact, most people like riding cokers, GOSH

whatever dude, i didnt start this mess. i stated a fact.

it is hard to find a box that fits that 36" unicycle so keep it.

i didnt start the damn Poll thread going on right now either.

hmm, well, apparently you’re right, almost as many people seem to hate cokers as love them…except, there were no ‘in between’ choices, except for ‘meh, they’re okay.’

I kept meaning to have a go on the coker at crawley but I never got round to it.

I was very impressed with all the colourmatched powdercoated parts on it too.

Rupert will be very pleased :p. He got it coated to match his other unis (His 20 & 28 both match it).

The trick I found with freemounting the coker is to hold the tyre as you jump up. Then the cranks don’t move, you get into a stable position and ride off, as if from a wall. Rollback mounts (unless very well practiced) will not work, you have to do a static (my preferred method) or a rolling mount. It takes lots of practice, and I still only get it after 3 or so attempts.

Good to everyone at Crawley, and get the chance to play on many unicycles and watch the excellent show. I’d never been before, but I am definitely going to go again (and again… and again…).

Amanda: Bungle was the guy with Prodigy hair, and “Bungle” in inch high letters on the back of his T-Shirt :smiley: ;).


Rupert wasn’t pleased that my 26" uni had the same rolling radius as his 28" though , The difference a big tyre can make.

Crawley was indeed great with most of the unicyclists gathering and spending a lot of the night riding around the car parks.

Only thing lacking was a unicycle in the show but the gandini project and the stretch people more than made up for it.

If you’re in Leicester, a bunch of us in Nottingham have cokers. You’d be welcome to have a go on one. Mine has 110 cranks which makes it super-fun and super-fast, I think the others are either 125 or 150s.

Most things going on here are arranged on the East Midland Unicyclists list or at the pub after tuesday night unicycle hockey in Derby (then posted on the list). I know there are at least 4 coker owners on the emunicyclists list.



I keep meaning to come up to the hockey but I don’t have enough faith in my abilities yet

I went on the mini muni ride in bramcote woods with some of the emunicyclists a couple of weeks ago which was great fun.

I know Roger Light fairly well so he lets me know what is going on normally.

Will try to come up to hockey in the near future.