Revolution One - Trailer

Description on youtube:

Mike and Shaun’s rail fails were so filthy haha. I remember Mike was on a cane for a couple weeks from that tailbone cruncher.

This looks awesome.
Xavier! I almost didn’t recognize him.

Looks really cool! Thanks for the info

I thought he was quite easy to spot : he was to one with the big french accent. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very crazy trailer. Even knowing that most of the footage is three year old or more, I will without hesitation buy this DVD, atleast for Dan’s filming and editing. Also, seeing all these pioneers of mountain and street unicycling is something inspirational.

I am happy to see Dan kept his old habits of filming bums (not sure about UNiVERsE 1 though), but disappointed a bit by the amount of old footage in the trailer.

I’ve already seen the whole movie:D

It was very well done, as all Dan Heaton films are. I kind of wish there was more footage from the past two years or so of the top trials wheeled riders, but I understand that’s not an easy thing to pull off. It was good to see the history of our sport. I’ll admit I was quite surprised at how good George Peck is! I didn’t know that he was a decent trials rider, even with the terrible equipment:)

Here’s the dvd you been waiting for Rob(Smacefmk). I am so excited for a new dvd. i will buy it the day it come out. i think i smell a unicycle dvd marathon in the future.

I’m inspired

This looks spectacular. It will be a great source to unicyclists in the distant future for sure. Shotgun buying one. Cause we really should all support this :smiley:

I think i know what my UDC voucher will be used on :slight_smile:

brilliant :D. I love it!

Dan’s added some stuff since Vancouver MUni weekend…

I didn’t know:o But this means when I watch it again it will be like new!

But I think it will still be essentially quite similar…

when is saw the other videos of unicycle riders , i always wondered how many injuries it took to ride cycle that way , now i know the answer .salute to unicycle riders.

i was watching Wheel of Justice a while back and i remember the clip where he hopped up the seat of a picnic table and then up onto the table itself. i thought that was a pretty good effort for someone that age who rides alone in the world. then he said that a good rider would be able to do it in one hop hahaha now that would have been a feat back then. i could go on about that movie for ages like his uphill wheelwalking or his backpad XD what a guy