revolights: new lighting system on the RIM!

I wonder if they can install both the front and back lights onto one wheel. Might make any night commuters/riders more safe. Or it might really confuse passing drivers.

I find that whenever I install a light onto my frame, my knees block the light during half or more of a revolution. But these lights go on the rim! Anyone think these will make their way onto the unicycle wheel?

I’m really confortable with helmet-mounted lights.

For me is the way to go, simply because it’s the only way to keep aligned the light with your eyesight :roll_eyes:

I definitely agree. I tried mounting my light onto my seat post, my frame, and my handle, but the only thing that works for me is a headlamp.
But these lights look like they go wherever the wheel goes, so I wonder how well they would work for us

Unless you have a 29er, they won’t work at all. They’re a rigid plastic assembly sized for road rims. For $229, I can buy a LOT of really bright headlamps, flashers, etc.

Cool idea, but until they make them size-adaptable and bring that price down, it won’t be on my xmas list.

I agree - I’d like these on my Uni as I do a lot of night-riding, but for that price I’d rather just buy a moderately-priced headlamp and cover myself in reflective stuff :slight_smile: I’ll wait till there’s a cheapskate LBS-brand version! :smiley:

Those look awesome! Not what you’d call cheap, but awesome nonetheless.

I used to have some spoke-mounted lights on my b*cycles – much better side visibility than nothing.