Revised Nimbus II Frame

Maybe he means that he also has a Nimbus II and once he has a KH he will customize the Nimbus II?


Yeah, thanks. Well, i know its gonna scratch and wear, but i can just re paint it fast though.

Post a pic of the whole Uni, I may doo the same, Ive had the Idea for a while too…

I guess there was a few of us with the same idea =P

Tomorrow night i’ll get some pics up of the build. Ive got some welding and such to do tomorrow on my stiffner plates, (reinforcing my seat). I got a little sidetracked and ripped apart 2 seats lol… Anyway, i got the frame on the uni, along with the post clamp, just not the saddle.

Well. I said i’d post them tonight, so here they are!

oh, and my stiffner plate idea lol. (did a bunch of bending and pushing to get it to fit correctly)

How tall are you?

Because your seat is really low

I’m around 5’7’’ lol.

I ride low dude. I love my seat low, Its at my knees i think.