Revised Nimbus II Frame

I say stripped w/ clearcoat
or white

yeah, i’m gonna strip it sometime soon cause i’m fed up with out schools sandblaster to the max.

anyway, heres some update pics.

Looks pretty good! The only thing is can really say is that its not perfectly semetrical.

ahahaha… Well, i didnt go into this with the idea of it being exact or anything near it lol. I just wanted to try and hack off the nubs, and see if it’d work still lol.

I would ride it. I might do a little more grinding around the sides to make it look more flush, but i would ride it, nether the less.

i’m done doing any machining, this things taken longer than i thought lol.

i’ll strip it tonight if we have paint stripper.

Good idea, im gonna strip my cranks and a few other things on my unicycle tonight. I might later on (when i get new cranks) make a revised torker DX cranks thread. What im gonna do is tighten the cranks while they are on the hub, and weld them shut(not onto), then grind the pinch bolts off.
Gonna be sweet.

you wont be able to get them off though.

hey guess what?

edit: wish my camera didnt suck so bad. its a darkish olive drab green, with white speckles in it. It covers up a lot of things that were wrong with it. Oh, and my certificate of completion of the OEC course is in the 3rd and 4th pictures.

Sure. I’ll go out and mess with my wheel i guess.

I like the look of it… It’s sort of Triton-like

I was thinking about doing the same thing you did, but I lack the skill and am to lazy. Plus my friend is letting me use his old round crown untill I get my KH longneck frame.

Who’s bright idea was it to put those painful nubs on the frames anyway? I hate them cause I allways hit my legs on them when I fall off big stuff.

Cool, Its a great idea for it. Well, the nubs probably make manufacturing or something easier. Plus, that frame was built like a tank at the factory. So, i think theres a little that goes into it.

Yeah, i knew it would come out like that a little. I mean, theres no exposed weld actually, but its got an essance. If i would have spent time to actually painstakingly build this to its full extent, it would probably be the strongest frame build ever. Theres a lot in it that can prevent it from breaking actually.

i’m satisfied :slight_smile:

Now just get UDC to manufacture something like this and everyone will be happy

i would definatly buy one.

Who needs a round crown when you have this? Hehe. I could be wrong but it looks like you’d have the best of both worlds.

Ahaha. Yeah, just chop their frames apart.

I’m not going to ever manufacture frames, but i’d be happy to have my name on anyones ‘idea’ that was, or like this frame.

lol. Yeah, its a pretty nice looking frame, havent ridden it yet though.

when I get a KH frame I’m definitely doing this, and then a custom paint job! :sunglasses:

why would you chop a kh frame?

Yeah, pointless IMO.

Also aluminum doesn’t weld re-well. You would need to get it heat treated, even if you did it would be weaker than stock - steal doesn’t have this problem.

BTW… nice chop & paint job. (w/o powder coating or chrome plating, it’ll scratch MUCH more easily and then rust - keep it indoors and dry it off right away if you get it wet)