Revised Nimbus II Frame

Hi, ive had the idea for a while to cut the nubs off of the nimbus II frame, and finally got around to it.

I’ll be painting it sooner or later, and might bring it back into the shop to sand blast the rest of it (our schools sand blaster sucks, the sand blasted parts took around half an hour to do, along with putting it to a wire wheel to try and get most of it off before hand) Plus, the reason why some areas look really sketchy and not smoothed out is because our shop teacher doenst have a working angle grinder, so i’m using a belt sander for all of it. You cant put a frame into many positions on a belt sander either.

anyway, heres the pics.

Before (bad picture)-


edit: oh yeah, i learned the hard way that the tubing is paper thin on that thing. A mig welder can blow a hole in it if your voltage is too high lol. I luckily was able to fix it though.

I actually thought about this too, cool to see someone that actually had the balls to take a chance and do it.
Is that the final product? it looks good, but i think you need to do some more revision grinding.

haha. Yeah, I was going to try and get a diff frame anyway, so i thought to heck with it, i’ll go for it.

No its not the final product, the edit window closed before i could state so (if i havent). If i leave it like this, i’m going to spray paint it matte white. Also, i may bring it into school tomorrow to try and work on it again, but i’m fearing that my shop teacher will get mad at me for working on it (rather than my projects that need doing, i decided to do this lol). So, i may bring it in again tomorrow, and have my friends help me sandblast (its like a 3 person job to get the sand blaster working all right). I’ll try and grind it smooth in some places, or try and thicken a few areas, but its really impossible with our shop setup.

edit: oh yeah, i sliced off the nubs and ground it at an angle on each side, then welded 2 1/8’’ thick peices of metal onto each side, then with the belt sander i ground them smooth.

I would just grind the welded areas down to the points in which everything is level and smooth, with barly a weld showing. In other words grind the whole shebang until it looks close to a kh frame.

well, what i did is actually sorta the way i want it. I mean, i want to have it sorta like a kh frame, where the side goes up at an angle, then goes flat, but its impossible to get that with our belt sander.

Hmm, the illusion im thinking of is just the welds not popping off the frame, them being more level with the tubing.

Picture example… (quickly made in paint)

untitled.bmp (960 KB)

actually, your idea is what it looks like in real life. Its just really hard to grind it down. Thats the idea i was going for, i’ll just bring it back to school and screw around with it and grind it.

I was considering doing this with my Koxx frame, but I was going to braze it at school. With a bit of cleaning up that will look cool.

How do you like those cranks? My pinch bolt keeps on coming loose and making the crank creak wile I ride.


Man I’m glad you said Mig weld at the end of your original post! For a second I thought that was J-B Weld epoxy on there.

With that said, I love this idea. After I buy my 2nd UNI (maybe for this Xmas) I will consider a similar mod for my 24" nimbus II frame. I was thinking of powder coating or something else beside chrome anyway.

Long live round crowns.

I love my cranks, they never come loose. Maybe you just need to tighten them a lot more.

hahaha. JB weld lol… Yeah, its a really cool thing to do if you have access to a metal shop, or just a plasma cutter, a welder, and a grinder.

woo. I just grinded my frame a bit. It still needs a little, but its too cold for my hands/feet to be able to work right.

2nd revision of the nimbus II lol, i just grinded it.

Muuuch better. Almost exactly what i was talking about.

yeah, its got a really nice rounded shape to it lol. And looks like a kh lol.

anyone think i should paint it blue? lol

yeah, i’ll find something.

I was thinking more like burgundy

everyones thinking darker red lol.

I’ll see what our local international business has for paint cans. no powdercoating.

Either darker or lighter, i consider bright colors ugly unless theres only one on the unicycle contrasting another.

Well, i sand blasted it today again. But, our sandblaster sucks, so it takes a long time. I’m trying to get is all really smooth.

Nice, its like the steel version of a KH frame, kinda.

Strip it all, shine it up, and clearcoat it.