Revised... Giraffe Sticker 2.0.

Here is the second version. I like this one better. Any feedback is certainly appreciated!


I think I liked the first concept better. If you could get the leg thing worked out, it seemed like a cool idea.
This poor guy doesn’t seem to have legs, and I’m not sure where the post is going, but it looks painful, lol.
Also, if the giraffe is not pedaling, why not get rid of the frame, and have the giraffe standing directly on the wheel? I think that the wheel needs a few more spokes. It kept the graphic nice and clean when the giraffes legs were in front of the wheel, but if the wheel is bare, additional spokes would look better. Hope this helps

you know… giraffe+unicycle…

Thanks, i like your ideas. I turned his legs into a seat post because its more of some sort of giraffe/unicycle hybrid.
the problem with the legs is that it looked awkward no matter how i did them. with the post leg, it looks more purposeful. Maybe i should have them combine at the knees into the post so that there is some upper leg definition.
ill add some spokes and see how it looks.

It might look good to have all 4 legs coming down to the hub like a Coker V2 frame :slight_smile:

I would make the spokes look like they do on a real wheel, and just leave a little bit of white space as an outline around the legs where they cross over the spokes and rim.

The giraffe’s head also doesn’t look very recognizable. At first it was kind of hard to tell what I was looking at.

If you want to go with your original idea of having its feet on the pedals, you should try making both of its left legs go down to the same pedal, and the same with the right. The way it was originally drawn, it looked like the giraffe was just standing in place sideways on the wheel. I think the picture should convey more motion, which you can do easily by making the giraffe’s neck angled forward a little bit and showing one straight and one bent knee on each side of the giraffe’s body.

Kind of like this:

how does this one feel?

I think nannerdw’s would be excellent if it had spokes in the wheel/maybe a seat post.

Mum says it looks like a leg of ham

To me, it looks like a massive rubber chicken riding a ferris wheel. :stuck_out_tongue:


But either way, i could never do something that good. Keep up the good work ogre. :smiley:

lol harry

I like this one the most out of any of them you have made so far.

Here, I put in the seatpost, pedals, spokes, etc. The crands aren’t quite in line, though. I also added an eye for the heck of it. If y’all don’t like it it’s real easy to erase.


I like the way the spokes look… but that seat post really looks more like part of the giraffe’s anatomy. I also like the post instead of legs thing. This weekend I’ll try to tweak it some more.

How about you do similar to that but instead of the legs joining and going into the frame, make them longer so they go down and join in a similar way but at the hub.