Reviewed: Wellgo B-27 pedals

I bought two pair of these pedals (Wellgo B-27) when they were closing out some time ago. They are very lightweight with nice, removable pins and adequate surface area. I finally installed a pair on my SH MUni about 18 months ago. After about a year, the bearings in the right pedal blew out. Fortunately, I had a spare set and took the right pedal from it. After another six months the left bearings blew out. The damage to both pedals was irreparable. Now, I have the second set installed with no more backup. Fortunately again I didn’t destroy two of the same side pedal.

These pedals have not been subjected to crank or pedal grabs except on the trail on wooden structures or logs. They have sustained a few drops of up to five feet to flat. The pedals still looked relatively new when the bearings blew out.

I would avoid them. They fall apart suddenly and catastrophically.

They are (or were) installed on an SH MUni frame with custom 17-4PH splined axle and custom broached Kooka cranks. The wheel is an Alex DX-32 with a 3"x24" Gazz tire mounted.