Reviewed: New World Disorder II - Fat Tyre Fury

Not strictly a unicycling product, but the second segment on this frankly astounding Exteme Biking Video is Kris Holm doing Muni, North Shore & some Trials.

A very impressive release, it contains brilliantly shot, edited and performed footage. From the outset (Timo Pritzl & John Cowan on the California Hell Track, being chased & filmed from a helicopter based camera), through the KH section, the San Fransisco speed wheelies, tandem stoppies & onto the inevitable bails, it never fails to get you asking ‘how the hell did he do/survive/think up that one?’. The music works very well with the video and depending on how au fait you are with the genre much of it may be familiar.

If you can watch this film then do so, and if you know a MTBer who hasn’t got it, then get it on the pretence of getting it for them and then watch it yourself! No other extreme stunts video I’ve ever seen (apart from unicycling ones) has held my interest like this one did.


You should check out The Collective. It’s a bike video w/ what i thought was WAY better editing and more artsy shots than any in the disorder series, although fat tire fury was my fave in that series.
Yeah, the collective just gives a really good view of biking, and manages to get across the flowyness, not just choppy, quick camera switches on all sorts of jaw-dropping stunts

I aint seen any of the disorder videos but my flatmate has “The Collective”.

It is absolutely amazing! The filming/editing is fantastic!

And the trials section is outstanding.

Well worth a look.

I’ll keep an eye out for the disorder videos too.


Check out Manifesto. Its a street-trials vid starring Ryan leech

i gotta check that out!
ryan leech is so good!