Reviewed: 661 Ricochet leg pads

-These pads are VERY flexible, and they are hinged.
-Easily adjusted and put on/taken off.
-The long version has a larg area of peotection.
-doesn’t seem to move on your leg
-Wont rip or tear.
-the kneecap looks a little goofy when worn with shorts
-price ($60)

I would reccomend these leg pads to anyone who hates restrictive leg pads. I like these 100% better than the 4x4s, and these are one size fits all, so i won’t grow out of them.

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you mean people really do wear those things??? wow

Ummm, almost all people who have pinned pedals on their uni wear shin pads…

Acctually less than you think, but its a good idea to wear some.

So, they are shin gaurds also and not just knee pads?

Are they much warmer when you are hot to wear then the 4X4’s?

Is there any protection for the back of the calf?

The thing I really like about the 4x4/Roach/KH armour is the flap that covers the back of the calf. There have been many times that the calf protection has done it’s job and saved me from pedal scrapes on the back of my calf and potential stitches. I’m not comfortable wearing pads that don’t cover the back of the calf.

I think they are a little cooler, but another thing i like is that they don’t rub you like the 4x4’s do.

JC- they dont have full back coverage, but there is some

They are shin guards too- the long version cover down about 3 inches from the top of your shoe

It would be nice if they had add-in calf protection like the Core Rat leg armour does. Maybe the Core Rat calf add-on will work with the 661 Ricochet leg armor?

I wear cycling knee warmers under my 4x4 armor to eliminate any chafing around the knee. The 4x4’s and similar styles of armour are very comfortable. Not at all what I would call restrictive. The 4x4/Roach/KH style armour also has an advantage that it doesn’t get hung up on the frame when you leg rubs against the frame or the tire.

But the danger with pined pedals is that they get the back of your legs. 4x4’s proctect that area. I don’t see how those could…

where do you get them

Go to Froogle and search on “661 Ricochet” and “SixSixOne Ricochet” and you’ll find a bunch of online shops that sell the Ricochet leg armor. Your local bike shop will also be able to order them for you.

I Like these because thay cover the the back of your leg entirely and the protective plastic and be removed and thay can be washed. I think thay are kindof hot but maybe not because I can ware them in 98degree F weather comfortably.

I will always wear armor that covers both the shins and knees. A few weeks ago, on a particular rocky trail, I came down really really hard onto a large rock with my left knee. I bruised it even though I was wearing my 661s. I hate to think of what would have happend to my knee without the knee pro.