[Review wanted] Qu-Ax Magnesium pedals.

Has anybody used the Qu-Ax magnesium pedals? I’ve never seen them on UDC.

I was looking at JC and Snafu as upgrades for my Qu-ax 24 and 20. the stock pedals have pins that are not removable, and are now blunt and very slippery in wet/muddy conditions.


Hey WOFT those are some nice pedals. I also have magnesium pedals (not these ones :D)for my coker. These are super lightweight and are good for getting speed and stuff. Are you thinking of getting some?? :smiley:

Well, I’m upgrading pedals on my muni and 20inch (I ride mainly trials). I want a very grippy pedal with big platforms (Snafu and JC). the Qu-ax have the sealed bearings, which would be great for muni.

Shipping is too expensive for me to send items back to the UK (UDC), so I’d rather buy pedals that have been tried and tested and compared by some forum members than take a chance with new products.

So, anybody used the Qu-ax pedals;)

i have ridden the JC’s for quite some time, i love them they are so good for everything, but they wouldnt be good for muni because they arnt grippy enough, however the snafus are great for muni!

well the qu-ax magnesium’s are the same as the wellgo pedals that have been sold on UDC for a long time. There is a review on MDC for them.

Jackshits! I hear they are super grippy I really want some for muni.

The new Quaxpedals are the same like mine from NC-17. The only difference is the colour and the price (the NC-17 are about 80€)

Those magnesium pedals are the best pedals i have ever had. They are strong and extremly lightweight. I ride mine since unicon 13 and they still are in very good condition (colour is gone mostly)
The pedals are good for grinds (when you take out the pins) and for pedalgrabs and they are very very grippy.

Smilymarco, have you ridden the snafu’s or JC pedals before? I’d love to get a comparison with the qu-ax.

I just rode Snafus and JC for about 2 minutes… the Snafu pins were way too long and they felt very uncomfy with the shoes i use to wear when im unicycling (the pins got through them… they were too long).

The JC felt very good. Very big, good grip and you can choose if you want to have long or small pins… looks like a perfect streetpedal for me.
For trials i think the magnesium pedal is a bit better because its like half the weight of the JC and a bit more grip.

When you want a light, grippy and strong pedal go for the quax.
If you want a strong, big and grippy pedal go for the JC.
Or just buy what you can get for less money haha :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. I’ll probably get a pair of qu-ax for trials, and JC for muni. Now I just get the right paint to cover that damn yellow:p

As far as i know theres black colour underneath the yellow… dont quote me on that though :smiley:

I like the yellow :wink: