Review: Troy Lee Wrist Support/Protection

I have been riding in Hillbilly gloves for the past four years. The gloves work well for hard falls where you need both protection from hyper extension of the wrist and for protection from the impact. The downside is that they are bulky, hot, difficult to use when grabbing the seat/bar, and they don’t last long when exposed to excessive sweat.

Over time I find that I don’t have hardly the UPD’s I once had, so the need for impact protection is much less, yet I still need something to protect against the inevitable ground fall which could sprain or break a wrist. I have been looking for comfortable wrist protection that fits over/under biking gloves, that protects from hyper extension, is not overly hot or bulky, and is washable.

I tried the 661 Pro Wrist Support , but it was nothing more than a flimsy wrist wrap with foam stiffeners.

Next I tried the Troy Lee Designs Wrist Support WS 3205 , a single velcro wrap, thumb hole, with four plastic removeable stays. I was skeptical that this brace would be effective, and intially I balked at the cost ($60 pair), but after receiving them and trying them on, I found that they fit my needs quite well.

I ordered a large; generally I wear the largest size in gloves, and found the brace was plenty large enough. I might have been able to take a medium, but that’s the magic of these supports, you can buy them large to fit over a glove or small to fit under a glove; I plan to wear mine over a glove.

I found them to be quite comfortable, much easier to grab my handle/brake without a palm stiffener in the way, they felt supportive without being bulky, not constrictive on my wrists while still providing plenty of protection aganst hyper extension.

I’ll post some pictures later, suffice to say that these are some nice wrist supports for long rides in all conditions, the only caveat being that without a palm side nylon “spoon” these braces will not prevent against impact injuries to the palm; but then I have the Hillbilly gloves for those kinda of rides :slight_smile:

Two Thumbs Up!