Review the Uvolution!

I’d like to hear anybody’s opinion of the artwork on my Uvolution stuff:

Or maybe you’d like to review the concept. Have you seen anyone do the trick pictured?



This one looks pretty close to me:

Aaaabsolutely! That’s great!

I wanna do that if I don’t grow up.

And that guy needs a Uvolution shirt. Definitely.


And shoes. :slight_smile:

That’s Mark, another Brisbane unicyclist. He is a professional performer who, as part of his routine, does a headstand on top of somebody else’s head (or vice versa) so the only thing supporting him is his head on top of another head. Amazing stuff!


That’s amazing. Cirque de Soliel type stuff.

I just know we’re going to see a kid doing this stunt on a trials unicycle sometime soon though.

I pledge 5% of all Uvolution profits toward getting Mark some shoes. Spread the word… Unicyclists for Mark’s Footwear (UMF) is on the move!

I, like Mark and Simon Wells (2nd at Unicon in open freestyle), generally prefer freestyle without shoes. You get a good feel for things.


oh, man, do I need to toughen up my feet.

more feeling is right, just don’t get your toes caught in the spokes!!!

: )


One of the coolest unicycle designs I have seen on a shirt. The colors just jump out at you. I have one on order, and I can’t wait to get it. I went with the baseball Jersey. I like the old school feel (80’s).:smiley:

Glad you like it, bugman! I mostly wanted to do it because there didn’t seem to be any extremely cool unicycle designs available. There are lots of club shirts out there, and there are some 1 color very stripped-down designs out there (somebody’s put one on ebay. a simple unicycle silhouette with the word ‘hardcore’ underneath. Call me unimaginitive, but that doesn’t stir me much. Of course, they’re probably selling like hotcakes.)

Well, unicyclers deserve more designs! Bright colors! outrageous gear! hot manga babes! Line quality!

And as far as that goes, if anybody cares to make suggestions for the next two or three designs for the site, let’s hear the voice of the uni-public! I vow to serve.

I forgot to mention… I got the big freakish monkey toes. And I want to keep them. No shoeless riding for me.

I have seen that lame unicycle shirt on E-Bay, and they keep listing it, so either it’s selling, or it is the same shirts getting relisted. If people are buying it, it is amazing to me. Of course, it may be parents just desperate for something to get as a gift for their unicycling kids. Hopefully, I will have mine befor the Atlanta Unicyle Club meeting on Sunday.

As for ideas, you got mine already.:smiley: Can’t wait to see what the masters hands can produce.

So what’s the story behind “Support Carl”?

Are you doing the artwork? It looks great, what are your other ideas? Tell me there are other ideas. I might order one, when I’m done with the deployment and can actually ride around long enough to show off the shirt.

There are more ideas. Bugman hisself has contacted me with one he wants to see produced. I guess it’ll be next. Then, there’s a couple more I’d like to finish and put up on cafe press.

As for ‘support Carl’ stuff- Carl got in the way of some very enthusiastic police officers fresh out of the academy. Carl is being railroaded through the legal system so that the young police officers don’t have to admit that they went way overboard. I won’t say they purgured themselves in the hearing.

The horrified cry of the witnesses gave us a rallying call for the ‘Support Carl’ movement. Amen, brothers! Annoy the system!

It’s not done yet?!:smiley: Nobody ever accused me of being impatient. Well yea, I guess they have. :astonished:

So how is the fight going? Is Carl getting good representation? I sure would hate to be in either sides shoes. Messed up for both parties.

And the cranks to. When ever i ride without shoes (very rarely) I’m always afraid I’ll get 'em stuck in the cranks.

Ouch! Crank bruises…

I’m usually better at banging my ankles on the cranks on my Summit trials unicycle.

Anyhow, Hey, Bugman! Your design’s done. I know you said that the understated color would be a good thing, but I got carried away. There is a two-color version I made, but doggone it, the process color stuff just blows it away.

Check out the nice Einräder designs, too. Woohoo!

Let me know what you think!

Oh, and buy a shirt, for heaven’s sake. Get the jump on that Christmas shoppin’.


Checking up on Kraze

I almost forgot…

Kraze? You still with us? Thought I’d check on our boys overseas, doing the tough stuff. Hope you’re well.