review request: Gusset Slim Jim pedals

Well, I did a search and couldn’t find anything about Slim Jim pedals, I’m looking for thin Lightweight magnesium pedals, and these seem to fit the bill, can anyone who has used them please review them I don’t want to have a pedal fall off the spindle when going 30 km/h on my coker, and all that goodness that seems common with some platform pedals when the bearings fail.

i use slim jims on my KH for trials riding. They are a great pedal, the best i’ve used so far. They are light and the thin profile gives them a great look. Personaly i would rate them 9/10. The only prob i’ve ever had with them is the pins ocassionaly started comming loose but this is very easily fixed with an allen key and is prob not hepled by the fact that i jumped 9 sets and do 5ft+ drops on them. I would highly recomend them!

I use them but have only had them for a few weeks. So far so good, but then I’ve never had any trouble from my pedals.

One thing I would say about them is that the pins are shorter than most pedals that I’m used to riding with. It made me feel a little insecure at first but they seem OK. Also, you can’t get pedal protectors to fit them.

I use them for distance and gentle XC on my 29er.