Review our new movie.

YO we just made a sick new uni movie… check it out. tell us what u think of it… it is soo cool. it is about 2 minuits long.

Nice stunts… nice soundtrack… the plot needs work :smiley:

hahahahaha… that is good u liked it. any one else what else could be better and what is good about it???


i like that guy in red, he is sick times ten, also he has sweet name
sick seat wrap!!!

i dont really get the dong from china thing but the 360 unispin was nice

that was a nice 360 unispin. and the transition to stand up ww was nice. have you tried stand up glides?- they arent much harder. and seat drops straight out of unispins or seat wraps look cool you should try em. nice video man. keep it up.

yeah i have some of thoes tricks in my other movie, like the seat drops straight out of unispins.

i get the ‘dong from china’ thing

i do i promise

any more reviews?

it was pretty good…are you riding your bedford in that movie? or have you gotten a new uni yet?. im gettin my splined reall soon

that was really good, i like the modification to the song too :sunglasses:

Yeah i am riding my bedford light… i need to get splined soon too cuz it wont last long with some of the big jumps i wanna do.

i kno what you mean…how much do you have that you can spend?

well i want to just buy a splined hub and cranks for my bedford light for like 100-200$… do u know if bedford or any where else has any in that range?? i know bedford has a kh hub and cranks for like 250$ but i want to get cheaper ones. and i dont want to get the torker dx cuz i think i am better off just getting a new hub and cranks… i am talking in CDN currency.

alllrrriiiggghhtttt… better then the other movie… music still isnt right… it’s not because you like a song that it’s right for a uni movie…guy in red actaully pissed me off… the 360 unispin were nice the stand up ww was nice as well… but once more I dont know what Im watching… the guy is doing 360 unispin but sidehoping with 2 hands on the uni… up a picnic table by hoping on the bench… a 360 unispin is advanced stuff… sidehoping with 2 hands is beginer :thinking: … well anywas this time ill give u 6/10

Shaun Kong will not be pleased with your choice of music.

why?? who is shaun kong?

Thats sort of what I thought, there was some nice stuff in it but I don’t like how you go back and forth between advanced stuff and really basic stuff.
I don’t get the china thing either :roll_eyes:

you hop seat out with both hands… hmmm. anyways it was alot better than your first one. i agree with litl dude. and maxisback. you switch between crappy table hopping to 360 unispins… hmhmh. o well. i bet you could be alt better but just keep practicing.

keep up the good work.

do people get better height with seat in front one hand jumping? or is it just for style?? i havnt really tryed one handed but i think it will be easy to pick up. is that all that is beginnerISH??