review On The "Oreo" Nimbus trials unicycle 20" or 19'

the Unicycle is my avatar…It works amazing… Rode for a wile…It hasent ever broken. It holds up really amazing for trials and works almost as well for MUni. I ordered it from, it came with easy instuctions. It was 300 bucks at the time, it has a double bolt seatpost clamp. A 19 or 20 inch wheel. Very sturdy. I would definently recomend

Hope this could someone!!!:slight_smile:

hope this could help someone

dumb question

do you notice the deference between a 20" and a 19" wheel? I have considered getting a nice nimbus uni but I feel the smaller wheel will be harder to control. I started on a 24" torker but I tried a 20" before I started and felt “more uneasy” on it. I’m not a solid rider yet but I’m learning slowly and I feel I need to upgrade my uni if I ever want to do better.

Usually there isn’t much of a difference between 20" and 19" (basically the choice of tyres).

For a beginner, it can feel less intimidating to start on a small wheel (20") rather than a bigger one. However, small wheels requires less efforts to move/get on but with the drawback of more frequently bitting (pedal impact in the shinbone).

On the other hand, a bigger wheel provides more momentum when getting on helping to understand the proper gesture. But it requires a bit more effort to get in motion and the speed (distance per revolution) can be intimidating at first.

A thing that helps is when you have somebody to train with and/or somebody with another size of unicycle to compare.


apparently I am the only person in the whole city of asheville that has ever tried to unicycle. that is probably a little facetious, but we have three juggling clubs and a huge performance art community; yet I cannot find one other person with so much as a starter uni, it makes me sad to live here.

I am in the middle of two sizes, bigger than a 20 and smaller than a 24. so I got the larger one as I want to use it for transportation and the area is very rough and hilly. though I love my torker, the more I try the more I feel I made the wrong decision on the size; and being as I am very poor I can’t really afford to get another uni.

I think there is a few very active users on the forum, just do a bit of searching on here and I’m sure you’ll find a few.

The 20" and 19" unis are actually about the same size. The difference is that the 19" trials unis have a smaller diameter rim and bigger tire. It’s done that way to get more bounce for hopping.

They do feel different because trials tires are very lumpy. 20" unis tend feel much smoother.

nope :frowning:

asheville hosts a muni festival once a year at the same time as our local burning man, despite this fact I am all alone here. after a comprehensive search of the internet, and this site, I have found nobody.