Review of updated "Sit On This" video

Scott Bridgeman kindly sent me an updated copy of his muni video “Sit On This”
recently and I wanted to write a little something up about it.

I enjoyed the first video because it was inspiring to me in a sort of “Yeah, I
think I could do that (with some practice)” kind of way. The new revision
maintains that feel to it. It also shows a progression of riding skills as Scott
and Jeannie got better over time. I like seeing that sort of thing too.

At the end, there was some footage from his new video, which has more difficult
skills demonstrated. This is interesting and well filmed.

I thought the editing on this one, the titles and dialog make it more
professional and more interesting. Scott also added an original musical score
(which he performed and recorded himself, something I always appreciate).

So all in all, this one gets a big thumbs up from me. It’s a good improvement
from the original version.

Thanks Scott!