Review of U2

I just saw Universe 2 yesterday. Loved it. Here are my 2 cents:

Some of the skills demonstrated in #2 are even more impressive than in #1.
It’s as if #1 is outdated because of the improvements in the riders and
equipment. For instance, it seems much more common now for riders to pull
off 6’ drops onto flat concrete. This shows up not only in muni but also
in freestyle and trials.

U2 also pays more att’n to indoor freestyle, which is a nice add’n.

The riders who appear a lot in both movies have clearly gotten…
awesomer. It makes me wonder just how far the sport can possibly go – is
there a ceiling?

The camerawork and artwork of #2 are even better (esp the computer
graphics in the beginning). I was wowed. I esp. liked the helmet cam that
showed the rider’s face.

I preferred the music of #1.

I can’t wait for #3. And can I get #1 on DVD?

David Stone