Review of second issue of uni mag (and calendar/buff)

Review of second issue of uni mag (and calendar/buff)

Got this in the post today and am very pleased indeed.

Flicking through, the first thing that really struck me was the quality of the photos, both in the mag and in the calendar.

I felt that any if non-unicyclists who happened to flick through a copy, any pre-conceptions they happened to have would be severely challenged!

The photos really do convey what, for most of us, unicycling is really about, with action shots showing the sporting aspects and decent coverage of the distance/riding element.

In particular, the photo of a 100m race start is extraordinary, capturing the exact moment when the participants are stationary, but leaning forward at quite an extreme angle just as the race starts- it’s the kind of photo that could easily win any photo competition regardless of its specialised/minority nature, purely because it captures a moment perfectly.

The Buff (headgear) was initially a bit wierd and I had it down as something practical but not likely to be worn- 2 hours later and I realise I was wrong, it’s not been off my head and I’m looking forward to wearing it at this afternoons local poi/juggling park meet :slight_smile:

I like the little extras as well- like the in-depth ‘bananna case’ review, not just amusing but very practical as well, since every bananna that I take out in my rucksack ends up in a very sorry state.

Congratualtions Cathy Wood on your street riding article- a good read (as someone who primarily rides streets/roads and has to deal with the issues you mention I would say that, where small, randomly moving children are concerned, if in any doubt whatsoever, always err on the side of caution and dismount; similarly with infirm elderly, where, even if you know you’re 100% safe, sometimes I feel a halt or dismount is appropriate purely to ensure they don’t feel fearful).

I’ve also had a thought about the ‘alerting’ thing, as I’ve also found bike bells to be impractical- how about a ‘dog training clicker’? I’ve not got round to using one yet, but it would seem practical as they’re easy to carry in the hand/secure round wrist and, additionally, I feel that people would just hear a random click, not really knowing what it was and, when they look around, they won’t associate it with being told to shift, like some may with a bike bell?

Anyway, back to the mag- I put in a 6 month subscription and, to be honest, wasn’t 100% sure it would be good value- I’m really glad i did though and am highly impressed with the quality of this magazine; the calendar and buff are equally good.

I’d recommend any unicyclist to start getting the mag and would like to thank the people who put it together- great job!