review of dimension nylon pedals

I added a set of 8 $ nylon pedals to a recent order just because at 330 grams, they are the lightest platform pedals. I rode about 30 miles yesterday on my R36 and even did a hard crash onto the side (pedal test :o ). I have never been so pleased with a purchase since ice cream. You have to try these ! Swapping from snafus to these pedals was a great improvement. Even with my cheap heavy steel wheel and cranks response was much improved. The nylon is very hard and very grippy, totally better then the plastic union pedals that the uni came with. I had swapped those for snafus because I was afraid to get caught in the rain and have my foot slip off.
I can’t say much about longevity after 30 miles. But I weigh 185 and jumped on them a bit. Their chrome moly axles seem sturdy enough.
So in sum. These are the best feeling, lightest and plain best all weather 36er pedals available at any price IMHO. Worth giving a shot for muni, considering the price. Their supreme lightness should make uni spins and other tricks easier.Definitely give them a try. 5 stars !:smiley: