Review: Nimbus 36'er - Justin Kohse

Hey Guys,

thought i would put in my 2 cents on what i thought about the nimbus nightrider. If your at all interested then head on over to the my blog, grab a beer, maybe some tea, and have a read.

hehehe, I sold my road bike because of the big wheel too : )

Nice review JKohse! Kinda make me want to get one…

Cool review. I am no thinking about getting a T-Bar for my geared 26" commuter.

thanks guys,

im planning on doing some more like this in the future.

Hey, cool site and review.

One thing to mention:
It looks like you have a T7 handle not a T-bar, at least I think?

Please scale down the images you posted, it took forever to load the page, even with a fast connection. The images that are loaded on the blog are the full size images, but are just scaled to fit the container.

Loading 10mb of images for one blog post is a littttttle excessive.

Glad you are enjoying the big wheel, I love my nimbus 36er as well, they are great unicycles AND one of the only mass produced frames that you can lock, so it is great for the city.

*updated, thanks.

my mistake on the t7 bar. its funny the nimbus t7 bar looks like a “T” on the back end, but the KH touring handle is called a “T-Bar”, but doesnt really look like a T…strange.

thanks for the heads up. glad you enjoyed the review.

p.s. sorry about the image size, chose the wrong ones :wink:

what psi do you keep your tire at?

Nice review! Thanks for that. Cool pictures to. Do you get any flex in the frame causing the brakes to rub the rim? I want to get a 36er more now, as well as a 26 and a 29 :smiley:

ah… i saw your thread about your tire blowing out haha, sorry to hear that buddy.

as for the psi im not 100% sure, since i dont have a gauge. i usually do the “squeeze” test… but i do run fairly high pressure…

usually when im mounting i feel a bit of flex, but the brakes are super adjustable so a little tweak here and there should fix it up.

Thanks for the write-up and pictures.

If you do some heavy MUni with it I’d be interested in hearing what you think of the strength and reliability of the wheelset. I am aprehensive about dropping the 12 extra spokes compared to my Coker wheel but there are no extra-wide ISIS hubs available in 48h.

Take the bar-ends off and remove the bar from the mount and you’ll be left with nothing but two aluminum tubes welded into a T-shape so legible you could use it as signage. Perhaps it should be called the “Hidden-T Bar.”

i think 36 spoke is plenty. even with my old ghetto steel 36 hole nimbus rim, i did a lot of muni, and probably hundreds of lil drops off curbs and it’s still fine. even missing 1 spoke.

especially with my new nightrider…i’m not fearful of takin it off road.

The super wide hub makes the wheel stronger and probably offsets the strength gained by the extra spokes. I am HARD on my gear and my nightrider is holding-up just fine.

i’d love to hit up some single track on my nimbus…someone should do a review on “rough terrain with NightRider”.

if UDC will send me parts, ill go destroy mine and do a strength test hahaha.

The Nimbus super-wide hub has a stated flange spacing of 100mm. I just measured my Coker hub’s flange spacing at 95mm (center to center) and 98mm (outside to outside at the spoke holes).

The Stealth rim is eyeletted but I believe the weight is comparable to the current Coker rim so I don’t think it is any stronger or stiffer otherwise, hence it would be weaker with fewer spokes.

I doubt the Nimbus wheelset is as strong as the Coker wheelset, but perhaps it is strong enough. Strong enough for a 190lb rider to do sloppy 1-1.5 foot drops regularly without having to constantly retention the wheel?

I have done lots of singletrack with my Nimbus Nightrider. 36er muni is such a blast if you find the right trails. It makes non tech trails a thrill.

I actually set it up specifically for that as I also had a geared KH 36er at the same time, so I used the guni on the road and the nimbus offroad.

I have the square taper nightrider, and I had no issues with it for a year of hard use. I just bent my left crank at the skatepark a few weeks ago though. I think the Nimbus Nightrider ISIS with KH Moments is probably the strongest 36er muni you can get.

Either way, after a…year and a half or so of riding the Nimbus Nightrider in the snow, singletrack, dirt roads, road, rain, skateparks, up/down stairs etc etc, it has held up great! My wheel is slightly out of true now, but it is amazing that it has held up so great without any maintenance or truing or anything. That extra wide hub is great and Josh at UDC makes a killer wheel.