Review: KH Spooner

I fitted a KH Spooner today to my 29" and went for an off road ride during some spring storms. Braking-wise I mainly just use my middle finger around the end of the brake lever - the action was a lot more relaxed and sure with the extra width and shape of the Spooner. It fits around the HS33 lever really well too.

Basically I like it, and will probably change to using two fingers for extra control when braking now that there’s room to use two.

The Spooner is a little on the pricey side for what you get in the mail but looks to be well made and does the job you’d expect. I’ll probably order another for my other uni running brakes.


i love this thing. i got it several rides ago for my 26" and it gives you so much control since it is easier to grab your brake lever. i only use my middle finger as well cause i need a good grip on my seat for technical stuff. i definitely suggest this for anyone.

They look pretty useful, once I’ve sorted my brakes out I’m going to make one out of some rubber used for shoe soles, and some aluminium.

I agree with the reviews. The Spooner makes braking feel more “bike like” in that I can reach for the brake only when I really need it instead of having to position my fingers in anticipation of needing it.

so thats what it’s for. I never knew before, I tried to figure it out but couldn’t

i snapped up one of the few at unicon, couldn’t imagine riding brakes without one anymore

Anyone know if the spooner will fit this type of brake lever?
I think it’s an HS33 but it’s got MOVE! on the one side. I can’t find any mention of it anywhere. It looks like it might be a really old lever…
(it’s got a lizard skin thingy on it to make it more grippy at the moment too)

I’ve got the same lever, I am filing down the tip of it to make it fit the spooner, it looks like it will work fine when I finish filing it. I haven’t needed brakes yet (They’re for my 29er) so I haven’t been in a rush. I’ll be sure to post pics when I finish it.