review: KH Pulse Gloves

I like the KH Pulse Gloves. So far they get a [QUALIFIED] 10 outa 10.

I’ve had them a few weeks. They fit good and support my wrists comfortably. The wrist support comes from the long wrist wrap which tightens against an internal piece of plastic located on the back side of the wrists.

There is a beefy pad along the base of the palm ready to absorb the shock of hitting the ground. The material throughout seems thick enough for reasonable protection. They appear carefully designed and well constructed.

They allow me a decent grip on my KH saddle handles and work nicely for the riding I do, cruising mostly pavement on my 29 or 36.


I’ll know more as I use them longer, but they are serving me well so far.

I’ll agree, I’ve had mine a couple of months and ride Muni mostly. Mine HAVE been crash tested and seem to take the abuse while offering comfortable protection. As the days get hotter, I may go back to my Harbingers since the KH’s may prove to be too warm for temps over 90 :wink:

Great gloves

these gloves are great! mine are a little big and i can still grip the handle fine. they help a lot on every fall. i recommend the to everyone!

I got mine yesterday. They are rather strange when you put them on, but you get used to it after a day or so, I guess I just need to break them in. I dont like how they are so oversized, they feel like boxing gloves due to all the padding. They are super warm, good for winter riding, and ok for summer riding. But overall I like them due to the saftey and comfort. lol…i look like that dude from halo when I muni, I have my ankle guards, shinguards, armguards, pulse gloves, and my helmet. I feel like I can just throw myself off my uni and not get a scratch. But come to think of it, I have never fallen on my hands out of my 2 years riding, but there is always a first time.

Wow, wish I could say that. I’ve hit maybe 6 times on my hands, mostly from Coker height. Hand and wrist protection really helps me.

I wouldn’t consider them oversized…that’s kind of relative. The largest size they make is L, which barely accomodates my hand size. That said, I still think they rock. I’ve been VERY happy with mine, in particular for trials and muni where I’m doing a lot of hopping with the handle. With regular bike gloves w/o the fingers, a couple hours of trials or handle work leaves me with cuts across my knuckles right where the fingers on the gloves end. With the KH, no such problem.

But they are very warm… In Moab, I ended up going with my harbinger wraps just for temperature reasons.

I hope Kris sells enough of them that he’ll consider more than one model. I’d love to see the same glove but with half fingers, or better yet, with “tear away” fingers. Velcro and engineering talent could Make It So.

Really the only thing stopping me from getting these gloves is that they look like, and from the reviews sound like they are just too warm. I like full fingered gloves and typically ride with Fox full fingered mtn bike gloves. I have gone through a few different pairs but the features that I like the best are snot rags on the thumbs, well padded palms, knuckles with non obtrusive guards and ventelated materials on the back side of your hands and some sort of vent on the sided of your fingers. Hopefully one day Kris will make some improvements to the ventalation of this gloves and then I will own a pair.

I have had mine for a couple of days and

They have too much padding so you loose all your flexivbilty and movemont of tha hands. I removed the palm padding, but still they are yet too big.

I think they make a very good Muni glove. But since I ride mostly trial/street they are not the glove for me.

I got some they will be good for muni, but they are kinda bulky and i think the red is to bright.

As far as protection goes they are great, i just dont really like them cosmetically.

I’ve had mine for about two months now. Personally, I like the red. (This is coming from a guy with a nuclear-orange colored riding jersey.)

What I don’t like, however, is the fact that three of my fingers have broken through the fingertip seams. I grip my seat handle like a vise, and it appears as though this behavior has caused the stitches to burst. I might try to sew the finger seams closed again at some point, but for now I’ve moved back to using conventional gloves.

I wonder if perhaps it could be an issue with sizing?

I’ve had mine for quite a while now and like the so much I’m considering getting a 2nd pair. If my pulse gloves are still wet with sweat/dirt/rain from a previous ride I go back to one of my sets of regular full fingered biking gloves but miss the wrist protection and comfort of the pulse gloves.

They are well made, unique to the market and well priced. I would definitely highly recommend them.

I had mediums, and they were a bit tight. Maybe that was part of the problem.

At any rate, I just saw a prototype for the next run of pulse gloves, and it looks good - no longer fire-engine red (I saw greyish), stronger stitching, better breathing fabric, and more rugged palm padding. The wrist wrap area is a bit different too - looks more comfortable. Oh, and I think Kris said that there would be more sizes available.

Mine seem to be okay. I’m not sure how rugged they’ll be, they look a bit raggedy already (After about 100 miles of riding in total). They’re nice for crashing on though, similar to having wristguards over normal gloves.

They do really soak up sweat and get smelly quickly though.

I’ve got medium and they’re just right for my skinny but quite long fingers. I can fit thin liner gloves under them no problems.

I ride muni and road, so I can’t comment on how good they are for trials etc.


Gloves aren’t too hot in summer (but too cold in winter). I’m not sure about wrist protect because it moves all the time and I have to wear gloves many time in one ride. Usually it won’t protect my wrist, but those palm protect are great. Maybe I should tape wrist protect or something so it won’t move.

I use mine all time now since I knackered my tendon in my wrist climbing a year back, it takes away a load of strain on the injured wrist. If I uni without wearing it my wrist is useless for a couple of weeks usually. Would be cool of they made a lighter version of the glove mind as they do get very warm and you do lose a bit of feel when doing trials and street stuff

well since this thread popped up, I’m looking into getting some KH Pulse Gloves but I don’t know what size to get, if you could post the measurement from the wrist strap to the tip on the middle finger for the differnt sizes it would help a lot.



I have just ordered some pulse gloves because I’m sick of falling and not being able to use my wrist for the day, bleeding from the palms is not too appealing either. would it be advisable to, on the day i get them, turn them inside out and ‘reinforce’ the existing stitching with repeted sewing in the one spot? So you end up with the existing stitching, but in increments along each finger theres a reinforcing band to help it all stay together.

just e-mail the supplier the same question, i have a 19-20cm long hand (tip of longest finger to the base of the hand) and i got a response that i should get a L on the grounds that the supplier had a pair of the gloves in size L and he had a hand-length of 20-21, so i decided against the L and ordered M because he said Medium only just fit him.

i have the pulse gloves and they are cool. I removed the gel pad (cause the double leather is enough for falls !!! wots with the added gel pad??)

the wrist thing is nice haven’t hurt my wrists yet, but i seat quite abit because of the wrap. at least when its hot, which ain’t very often as england is nice and rainy.

I have a few complaints :

  • seam kinda annoying on finger tips
  • tips of fingers could do with a little reinforcement (and so could the underside of the knucles (if u understand what i mean)
  • he little finger could be covered by the leather material the same as the other fingers.
  • the grey material is too weak and should be less prone to getting dirty etc…
  • they are bad for your suntan :stuck_out_tongue:

i know thats alot of complaints, but they are still awesome gloves, i really like them. But that list would be how to make them perfect. Now they are just very good.

CLEAR gloves!:smiley:

got my gloves last week and had my first fall today
they held up pretty good, didn’t come in red, instead in grey, still looks good though
i reckon the gel insert is a good idea too
and they’re really easy to dry out, (it was a rainy day)