review for kommando grind plates

hi. I just got one of these and they are awesome. they were a little hard too get it due to my inexperience, but once they were in they were awesome. they are insanely smooth on grinds, seem indestructable(they pretty much are seeing a there lexan) and they look cool. my favorite aspect though is that the counterbalance the pedal so that the grippy side is always up. if you need a grind plate GET THESE!


Great! Where did you bought them?

dumbass where did you buy them? id like to know too though

Is it an english lesson? Or what

Leave Job alone.
He can’t type English that well because he’s a Dutch boy just like me :stuck_out_tongue:

They slide really well but are REALLY annoying on any tricks where your feet leave the pedals (unispins, crankflips…) they almost always land with the grind plate up and it makes it a really slippery/sketchy landing.

Ya that’s right:p Thanx buddy

yea, you can get them at for $10. there great for me though, because I can;t unispin or crankflip yet:p I got to really try them out yesterday and they were even better than i thought they would be. I could slide like 5 feet on concrete