Review -- First Durham Juggling Festival (UK) 11/10/97

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Last Saturday saw the first Durham Juggling Festival, hosted by Durham City
Jugglers. I’m told that nobody has yet posted a review, so here goes…

The event took place in Durham University Students Union, which provided ample
juggling space in the main hall, with several other rooms, one dedicated to UV
(successfully, after considerable effort with tape and black cloth!) and another
to unicycling. There were workshops throughout the day covering all kinds and
levels of juggling, beginners and advanced unicycling, club swinging, pole
spinning and even balloon modelling. There was a lively atmosphere in all the
rooms and a great sense of enthusiasm from everybody. I spent most of the day in
unicycling events, so perhaps someone else would like to give more detail on the
other workshops. Certainly, the unicycle workshops catered for all levels, and
were very well attended. Many there had never even held a unicycle before, and
they all made surprising progress.

The day also featured a MUni ride (that’s off-road unicycling, for those who
haven’t encountered it before). We covered about 6-7 miles and the terrain was
hard enough to be interesting, without defeating those of us with little
off-road experience. Roger led this ride, while Duncan took a shorter one for
the younger and less experienced riders. A unicycle hockey match also provided
entertainment for riders of all standards.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the show. The decision to put the
renegade stage before the public show raised a few eyebrows, but turned out to
be a success, making the day end on a hight point. The renegade included Max’s
escapology and unicycle-bunny-hopping-with-legs- tied-together, Devilstick
Pete’s highly individual brief guide to three ball juggling and a very
entertaining turn by Haggis. The public show featured Cosmos, Haggis and
Charlie, Andy P, Devilstick Pete and Feeding the Fish, who all lived up to high
expectation. I know I’ve missed somebody, which is annoying me because he was
very good - perhaps someone can fill in!

I could go on for ages, but it’s probably best to keep this to a short summary.
Before I finish, however, I’d like to take the opportunity to give a big thanks
to Mini, Claire, Roger and all the others who put so much time and effort into
making this festival a great success. I don’t know you all yet, but I know you
all played your part. Thanks also to all of you who came along and gave the day
such a great atmosphere. I’ve been assured that there will be another festival
next year, and that it will be bigger and better! I hope lots of you will come
and ensure that it is. I know I’ll be there!


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